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On this page, you can download the free paper craft that can make the airport diorama . You can also enjoy such and decorate together airplane models and plastic model .




How to use this page and our papercraft

airport diorama designs free

First, we'll explain how to download the paper craft of data . This image is the top.


Click the Download  Paper Craft of Japanese characters that you want to .


Download will begin when you click the download button in the left have been page .


How to printout

airport diorama designs free

After downloading First is a printing . Part was removed , it will be to be about 1/200 at about 1/500, A4 size printing If you try to print by selecting the postcard size printing . On the adjustment , please to the magnitude of " This is it! " .


Tips when you produce a paper craft

In the small craft , because it is difficult to assemble by hand , you can finish the clean and assemble pointed pen or the like is pressed against the desk as shown in the photograph above .


airport diorama free

Let's make a lot to make a bustling and realistic airport!